Fitting an Accusump to an Audi S4 4.2 V8 Engine

I installed the Accusump to solve the renowned startup rattle that has plagued the Audi S4 B6 4.2 V8 engine.

My engine with 74,000 miles was sweet after this initial startup rattle but I wasn’t expecting this to repair any worn or broken parts but to help prevent further damage.

The kit with an electric valve for remote operation.


The bumper is removed as that is where it will be mounted.

Fitting Accusump

This picture is looking at the back of an engine, just below the oil filter housing, this engine is out of the car and sitting on the ground so it won’t look quite like this from above, this is the only place to make the connection, just remove the oil pressure switch and the reducing bush.

Oil Filter Pressure SW Connection

Marked in red is the oil pipe with a connection at the base of the oil filter housing where the oil pressure switch was located.

Rear Engine Connection

The oil pressure switch will be refitted and a hole drilled and tapped just where the red line changes direction, em, this will done off the engine for obvious reasons!

Oil Connection Close

I found that a tap with the correct thread for the oil pressure switch was hard to get hold of

Oil Switch Tap 1

Oil Switch Tap


The Oil pressure switch is now fitted



There arent many places on an S4 that aren’t occupied with some piece of equipment but inside the alloy bumper is the perfect spot and a snug fit.

Acc in Bumper

Clamp Hole

Drill a hole for each clamp bolt, the nut is fitted on the other side and the thing is held tight with no vibration.

Clamp Nut

I built a timer complete with buzzer that sounds (quietly) each time the ignition is powered prior to starting, it’s set to stop after a few seconds, this gives the cold oil enough time to travel to the chain tensioners as this is not instant, a good idea to remind other drivers.

My engine is now rattle free.

This system will prolong the life of any engine.


9 thoughts on “Fitting an Accusump to an Audi S4 4.2 V8 Engine”

  1. Hello, thank you for posting this guide. I really like the idea of hiding the acccusump in the bumper. What size of accusump did you use? I would like to do the same and am trying to figure out how big I can go. Thanks again!


    1. Hi Tristan
      Glad you found it helpful.
      What do you intend to fit it on?
      I used a 2 pint unit, you won’t fit a bigger unit in there unless you cut the alloy inner bumper then you could spread it to allow the larger diameter Accusump, there’s not a lot more room between my Accusump and the radiator.
      I’m not sure if you would have room to fit two in line.
      If you intend to use it only to pressurise the engine prior to starting then there’s no need to go bigger, my system is rattle free on startup.
      Don’t go too small with the supply pipe as the pressurising takes a few seconds with cold oil, I found I’d get a rattle starting from cold if I just started without waiting with the ignition on, so I fitted a buzzer and timer in behind the dash, think it’s set to 8-10 seconds before the buzzer stops, this is to remind anyone to wait.
      I must update with more pictures as I fitted a tee and a pressure gauge where the pipe passes the air filter, it makes it so easy to disconnect there when the bumper needs to be removed, just keep a little blank end to fit in case you forget and stars it.
      You could send me a few pictures of your mod when you have it done.
      Take a look at my engine transplant and leave a comment there too please.


      1. Hi Davie,

        Thanks for the info. I plan to fit the Accusump on an S4 Avant much like yours. My car will see some limited track use (maybe 2-3 times per year), so I wouldn’t mind having an EPC valve to help keep pressure up during hard corning.

        I’m glad that you mentioned the tee with the gauge. I was thinking it might be a good idea to install a remote gauge as well.

        For the timer-buzzer circuit, did you find an off-the-shelf component, or did you construct the circuit yourself?

        Also, I tried viewing your S4 Engine Transplant page, but it is prompting me for a password. In fact, all of the pages other than this one appear to be password protected.


      2. Tristan
        Where are you located?
        If I was going to use my car on the track I’d fit an RS4 sump because it has surge flaps to keep the oil at the pickup pipe, I’d use the same sized Accusump but I’d fit a big red light and some kind of sounder to be activated when the oil pressure drops, this would be removable for street use.
        I have an idea of how to bring down the air intake temperature, I won’t reveal the details just yet but I will add it to the S4 Engine Transplant page sometime in the future.
        I bought a “Mini Timer Switch Time Relay” from eBay, a seller called deselectra located in Bulgaria, it was a cheap timer that has a 1 to 16 second adjustment just to run the cheap buzzer, quite simple to put that in a little box and connect it up.
        I’ve made the S4 Engine Transplant public even though it’s not near completed, still need a 2.5″ system and an ECU upgrade and a little induction work, suspension, brake, etc…


  2. I’m in Kansas in the US. Thanks for the suggestions. I looked at the RS4 sump, and it looks nice but unfortunately a little out of my budget right now. Over here, that is often referred to as a “trap door” or “baffled” oil pan, and you can get them aftermarket for most popular domestic or Japanese cars. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any for Audi/VW.

    Thanks for the info about the timer as well. I definitely plan on adding a similar timer circuit as well. I’ll send you some pictures of my install next week.


  3. Excellent write-up, thank you for preparing it. I will soon purchase an Accusump kit for my B7 S4 v8. It is at 74k miles, no rattle yet. I am thinking forward to my 75k service and requesting a major inspection. Did you need to remove the engine in order to install the Accusump kit? If no, then I will likely install it myself. If yes, then I will probably have it put in during the timing chain service.


    1. Keith, no need to remove the engine, but if you did I’d recommend fitting the RS4 headers that I modify to boost performance!
      The Accusump will extend the life of your engine as well as saving the chain tensioners from being thrashed on startup before oil pressure rescuers them.


  4. I like the write up and I already got mine but I can’t figure it out from where to get the power I want to hook it up automatically meaning I don’t want to have a switch I want the oil to go into the engine before I start the engine and for the oil back to the accusump with out a switch.
    Can someone helps me, thankx in advance.
    Audi S4 b6


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