Where is our money going in North Down, Newtownards Council, Comber Northern Ireland?

Council bosses spend £7000 Christmas dinner
————-Newtownards —————

As far as I can gather the maintenance department in the Newtownards Council had around seventy men on the tools and now (2016) have less than twenty!

If this is true then where is the money going?

We need to know.

This is an open sewer running onto a dual carriageway in Newtownards, if you ride a bicycle or motorcycle then you could be swallowing this, the pictures were taken in February 2016

Now 2017 and the issue has not been addressed ​So sewage is being thrown up onto cars, motorcycles and cyclists 

The Comber to Newtownards carriageway 2016

Newtownards to Comber road 21 Aug 16

This is a 70mph road and I prefer to cycle on the pavement for two reasons, safety and also the condition of the cycle lane is a disgrace, but I was forced off the pavement because of the overgrown hedges and trees, within a few feet I got a punture on the rubbish in the cycle lane, I have spent the last few months in London and Shepperton cycling without an issue!

My flat tyre, who do I send the bill to?

Comber to Newtownards Road 29 Aug 16

Not so long ago there was a young boy killed just beyond that passing car but it looks like taking our money is more important than a life itself.

It just gets thicker and thicker the further down the lane you go.


As we can see with these pictures taken in February 16 on roads around Scrabo Tower Newtownards that no maintenance is being carried out on the grass verges and drainage.

There are a few pictures that show arrows that have been sprayed on the road indicating that someone had previously pointed out issues but as we see those arrows were fading with age.

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